DIOR Personal Shopping


This service allows you to get VIP access without the cost or time commitment. I have personal relationships with top Dior associates around the world. Many items DIOR offers are extremely limited and sell out to their VIP clients before they ever hit the boutiques and website. Many items are limited to less than 100 in the US or Less than 10 in the world or they may be one of a kind or special order!   You can get access to these items with my help.

To initiate the service, you will need to give a 50% deposit for the item you are wanting.  If The Dior Closet, LLC is able to secure the item, a 15% service fee will be added to your final bill.  You must pay in full before the item is fully secured.  If The Dior Closet, LLC is not successful in getting the item you want, you will receive a full refund, and no service fee will be charged.  If you know what you want, let me know as soon as possible. It will be my pleasure to secure it for you.

What if I change my mind after I receive the item using the personal shopping service?  

If the item you received using our DIOR personal shopping service is new, and purchased from DIOR, you will have 3 days to return it. You will receive a refund for the item, less overnight shipping, if it is returned in the same, unused condition it was sent. However, the service fee will remain.  If the item you received is preloved, you will have the option to sell it back to The Dior Closet, LLC for a negotiated price depending on the item.